The Influence Rosemary Stimulating Hair Care line is formulated to promote healthy hair growth by dynamically improving the health of your scalp. It’s specially developed formula combines organic herbs, vitamins, proteins and essential oils that will leave your hair healthy, shiny , voluminous and manageable.

This unique formula is all natural and gentle on the hair and scalp.


It’s Natural Rosemary Shampoo 8oz.- Clarifies and regulates the scalp

It’s Natural Rosemary Conditioner 8oz.- Moisturizes and rejuvenates hair strands

It’s Natural Rosemary Mint Scalp Therapy Balm 4oz.- Soothes dry scalp while moisturizing and adding shine

It’s Natural Rosemary Stimulating Spray 8oz.- Relieves itchiness and flaking, moisturizes and leaves hair smelling fresh and invigorated